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  • Warehouse For TAL U-NO LX
    6 September 2020
    Categories: Presets, TAL U-NO-LX

    Warehouse For TAL U-NO LX

    P2P | Dec 07 2016 | 14 KB

    What we’re gonna do right here is go back, way back, back into time…” This patch collection showcases 64 sounds, including classic bass, pad and hoover patches inspired by the early sound of labels such as Trax Records, Warp and DJ International, re-created using the excellent TAL U-NO-LX plugin. In the early 1980’s a new musical revolution was underway. Influenced by Electro Funk and Disco, House Music was born into a new decade that would see cheap electronic instruments and a strong DIY ethic change the face of dance music forever.

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    • TAL-U-NO-LX Presets Megapack 1-4
      1 June 2020
      Categories: Presets, TAL U-NO-LX


      TAL-U-NO-LX Presets

      P2P | 14.09.2019 | 446 KB

      …::: Megapack 1-4 :::…

      Full preset library for the TAL U-NO-LX in the form of 4 insane megapacks. Each pack contains 97 presets so if you listen to some of these examples you will hear that there is also quality as well as quantity. This will be sure to chunk up your collection.

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      • Ocean Drive Two for TAL U-NO-LX
        8 May 2018
        Categories: Presets, TAL U-NO-LX


        Ocean Drive Two for TAL U-NO-LX

        FANTASTiC | 07 May 2018 | 2.06 MB

        155 Synthwave presets for TAL U-NO-LX. This pack contains 155 presets in 8 Banks, ARP, BELLS, BASS, FX, KEYS, LEADS, PADS, PLUCKS. We have spent a lot of time to program these quality presets that will give your synthwave productions that extra touch. The main focus have been on creating that lush sound. These presets are really a work of art and we are very proud to finally release this pack. We hope you will enjoy using theses presets as much as we have been making them.

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        • Ocean Drive One for TAL-U-NO-LX-DECiBEL
          26 April 2018
          Categories: Presets, TAL U-NO-LX


          Ocean Drive One for TAL-U-NO-LX

          Team DECiBEL | 25 Apr 2018 | 3.4 MB

          Ocean Drive ONE is the first release from magesy download the SYNTWAVE-series Ocean Drive for TAL V2 U-NO-LX. 155 quality presets, easy to use that fits perfect into your productions.

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          • U-NO-LX Origins For TAL-U-NO-LX-DiSCOVER
            22 February 2018
            Categories: Presets, TAL U-NO-LX


            U-NO-LX Origins For TAL-U-NO-LX

            DiSCOVER | February/21Th/2018 | 18.8 MB

            U-NO-LX Origins is a collection of 160 patches for TAL’s U-NO-LX. This sound set is a throw back to the glorious days of the 80’s. Best suited for retro style/synth wave type of projects but equally useful for cinematic underscore. U-NO-LX Origins focuses on the sounds of the late 70’s and 80’s when analog was in full swing. U-NO-LX Origins delivers beautifully fluid arpeggios, low, powerful basses and bass lines, inspiring original retro leads and keys, wide analog pads and soundscapes. These sounds borrow from magesy download a variety of influential artists such as Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Harold Faltermeyer, Giorgio Moroder, Eurythmics, Duran Duran, Air and noted composers such as John Carpenter, Ólafur Arnalds, Jon Hopkins, and Nils Frahm.

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            • UN-O-LX V2 Ultima For TAL U-NO-LX
              15 December 2016
              Categories: Presets, TAL U-NO-LX


              UN-O-LX V2 Ultima For TAL U-NO-LX

              P2P | Dec 15 2016 | 0.9 MB

              Latest release tackles the TAL U-NO-LX with 128 brand spanking new patches pushing the synth to its limits. The Juno’s famously chunky basses, fat leads, lush synth strings and pads, and quirky synths are all here in abundance, while other patches have a more modern, current touch pushing the U-NO-LX into new territory. Sounds perfect for classic house, techno, synth-pop, outrun electro, and any style that needs a touch of the 80’s or just a bunch of extremely useful, workhorse synth sounds. If you’re looking for the final word in patches for U-NO-LX, look no further.

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